Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 of 30!

Do you know what's amazing about all this?  How powerful the mind and accountability is.  When people go on diets or are on a new adventure to start something new, the initial start is either:
  • very easy - new start, pumped, motivated
  • very hard - adapting to changes, have a hard time getting in the right mindset.
For me, this one so far is very easy.  I have in my mind:
  • how so many people are following
  • I'm a nutrition coach and I'm out to set an example
  • I have 30 days of this, this is just the beginning and there is NO WAY I'm not going to be 100%.  
  • I am looking at this as improving my lifestyle, getting better and better and going way beyond 30 days. 
This morning when I made my favorite breakfast...french toast, it didn't bother me.  Sure, it looked DAMN GOOD.  But, I knew where my boundaries were. I am ONLY on day 3 and that was that...the few scraps that were left, went directly to the trash.  (I tell my nutrition team members this all the time.  If there is a food around that tempts you, throw it in the trash immediately.  Surely, you won't go digging in the trash for food...if you do, see me ASAP.  We've got some serious counseling to do! )  But do you see how my mind is working?  When you set a goal with a time frame, you are more likely to stick with it longer.  Temptation is in front of me....In my mind I'm THINKING..."I'm only on day 3 of 30"....temptation is not an issue.  We are natural born goal seekers.  We NEED goals to succeed.  THIS is how our brain works!  We need challenges!  Commit to one of your own and see how it works!

This morning - I had that initial head ache again - but as soon as I had breakfast and my cup of coffee, it was gone.  This makes me think its not a withdrawal from sugar because I didn't eat any sugar for breakfast. Simple eggs and bacon.   Maybe due to overnight fasting?  Maybe a reduction in calories?  Although, I'm not counting, it could be.  With this type of diet, I'm not hungry, there are no extra calories with condiments, I stop when I'm satisfied, only eat when I am hungry. So, this morning's head ache could very well be reduction in calories and my body is adapting.

Now let's talk energy.  I had so much this am, it was like I was injected by the happy hormone in mass doses.  I HAD to workout and workout HIIT style or I'd go nuts.  I worked out so hard with jumps and sprints (x3 Sports Fast Trak style) threw in some kicks (x3 Sports kickboxing style), sweated until I was drenched, fell on the floor a few times in exhaustion but WANTED to get up and KEEP moving!  WOW!  I FEEL amazing! say starchy carbs aka/and sugar give you energy.....really?  Because this is NOT what I am experiencing.  I'm wired! whoooo! haha!

Do keep in mind, I'm not suggesting this kind of diet to anyone, blankly.  Everyone has different needs and a diet should be customized that way.  Nor did I take a giant leap of change.  I've been eating pretty healthy and have been making the transition to be able to do this challenge.  My journey is more about self control, commitment, accountability, how sugar and starches effect the body and mind and how the MIND plays a huge part in ANY diet or CHANGE in ones life.  The missing link. This is my personal choice, my personal plan and my personal journey with EVERYONE'S help!

For lunch, I met with my team members.  We had a very healthy meal together and GREAT conversation discussing food, lifestyle and challenges.  It's amazing how helpful it is to be around other like-minded people.  We did have one topic I'd like to discuss with you.  It was about  how we tend to "reward" ourselves.  Many times we endulge in bad foods as a reward....but think about this for a are "rewarding" yourself with bad food??  This doesn't seem right does it?  Why would it be a reward to eat something that will turn all your efforts back in time, make you feel bad and cause harm to your body?  Instead, as we discussed, we felt like we were rewarding ourselves by going out to a restaurant and not having to do the dishes!  Now for any of my team members out there, THIS is a reward!  I have them all cooking and making messes in the kitchen they didn't know they could make!  If we actually take the time to "THINK" things through and use our "MIND", you'll get much further, things will be easier, less stress will be involved.  Think smart!

Take a look at my tasty lunch!  I had  the paleo burger (removed the raisins, had just a few of the tomato). 

For dinner I had fish and zucchini.  Overall, a fantastic day! 

Before I leave I wanted to share a quick article on sugar, take a look!

Until tomorrow!


Blogger Kelly Sanders - Mosquito Squad of Marietta said...

Sounds like you had a great day. You got this!

March 23, 2011 at 10:10 PM  
Blogger simodalcais said...

Good to see you are doing well , and that you plan to go longer than 30 days :) .....I hope you inspire many more to take control of their health . I think the best thing about Paleo eating is that people take a lot of notice about how food effects their body , and educate themselves about it . That's a good thing no matter what way you look at it !

March 24, 2011 at 4:01 AM  
Blogger Caroline Brown X3 Sports Nutrition said...

Thanks Kelly!
simodalcais - So true! Its all about tuning in - feeling what is happening! Makes a huge difference to stop and listen; to pay attention. I'm having a lot of fun with this journey and already learning so much!
Thanks for following~

March 24, 2011 at 7:09 AM  

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