Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 7 of 30 Tap In!

There are so many topics floating around in my brain it's really hard to narrow down today.  I think I want to continue to TAP IN-to the brain.  So many people miss this very important step when it comes to the battle with food, changing a lifestyle, playing a sport, preparing for a speech, a project at work, the list goes on.  If you can TAP IN-to your own mind and understand your own thoughts, how YOUR particular mind works, you can discover a complete unknown world about YOURSELF.  Once you have a better understanding of yourself, you can apply the proper techniques necessary to help YOU in YOUR particular situation.  Yes, we can all learn from other people.  I've made it a lifetime of learning other peoples' mistakes and actions, by simply observing to avoid many pitfalls of my own.  But, it's not until we have a true understanding of SELF can we EXCEL beyond our expectations.

For example, this morning I went to workout, it wasn't as powerful as it usually is on leg day.  Typically, on leg day, I'm ALL-IN, focused, pumped, driven.  I LOVE my mind during the 2 grueling hours of heavy weights, driving myself to dizziness....I just get a kick out of it.  There were some driving forces that took me away from this thinking and I wasn't fully allowed to stay focused on the task at hand. 
  1. The weather - I have noticed an incredible impact the weather can play with my energy, drive and focus
  2. My own mind - maybe I'm thinking so hard about thinking - trying to capture so much for this experiment, it's taking its toll on my workout...
There is a reward from today's experience though and once I write this all down...I may just go back (clear headed) and give another go at those weights!   Here is what I was thinking while working out.  I was indeed thinking about the typical drive, focus and energy I have when doing leg workouts.  It's 2 hours long and I'm usually pumped a bit before and after, then as the day goes on, this way of thinking tends to fade.  I want to know what it is about doing leg weights that gets me in that frame of mind and how I can KEEP that thought process to be sustained longer.  Not only longer but also on days I don't do leg weights. 

My thoughts are that it comes down to not only a passion, but ACT of passion.  I think about the fighters at the gym.  When you talk to these guys, they are the sweetest, biggest teddy bears you'll meet.  It's hard to imagine they can get in a ring and fight with such passion, aggression and fierceness. But they do...over and over again.  The mind changes, something "ticks" inside them.  They TAP IN......until their opponent TAPS OUT! 

The mind is so powerful and if we can really TAP IN-to our own thoughts, learn how WE operate, we can use our KNOWLEDGE to continue to grow.  

I hear so many people say "I don't know why".  Take the time to stop, listen, follow patterns and you'll find that answer.  It's there.  Once you find it, use it!  Use the answer to build upon your weakness, demolish it and make it TAP OUT!

As for me, I will use my knowledge to expand the ACT of my passion into my day, day in and day out.  I can't do leg weights all day long and everyday, but I can TAP IN-to the mindset in which I have while under that environment or time.  It will take FOCUS.  Focus is a very difficult thing, especially in today's modern world of phone and sound interruptions.  But, I will continue to study the act of focus to learn how to TAP IN-to the passion that drives me enough to sustain a long productive, driven, passionate day...all day...everyday.  (Then, I'll need to learn how to turn it off, so I can sleep...)  In a sense, all this blogging is a driving force, a constant passion.  Just one different from my leg workout.  It's one of passion to tell my story, to help others.  (One that took over my leg workout....another lesson of separating passions...and focusing on task at hand) I only hope I'm reaching out to the right people.  Ones who want and need the help and are ready for change.  

One does have to be ready and timing does play a big part in ones success.  Your MIND has to be in the right place.  We hear how people stop smoking cold turkey or how people make drastic lifestyle changes very quickly.  There is something that they TAPPED IN-to that made them do this.  It all starts with the MIND. YOU have to make the decision to TAP IN.  You may have to make some friends and family members TAP OUT.  Keep fighting them to understand that health and fitness is a way of life, some will tap out. Others...well, maybe you just have to remove yourself from frequent interactions until you've won YOUR battle.  Then, you can come back, show them how you've changed, how great you are and it just may be what they needed to TAP them IN. 

Day 7 of 30- meat, eggs and veggies!  It's actually getting easier.  I thought the removal of my low sugar ketchup and sugar free syrup would be an issue.  It's starting to be a distant memory...a habit broken.  I think it actually proves it was a driving force in my Friday cravings, due to the sugar alcohols they contained.  While, for some of my students, I think sugar alcohols can play a role in lifestyle transformation.  However, it can also play a role in cravings and binges.  I've done a good bit of reading on the subject, but now I'm a true believer that they need to have there exit strategy in ones diet....when the time calls for it. 

Do I believe what we eat influences brain function?  ABSOLUTELY!  Sugar and its foreign substitutes such as certain artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols all influence cravings that lead to binges and uncontrollable urges that result in not only obesity but the core cause of eating disorders today.  If we ate what nature intended for us to eat, exercised the way our bodies were meant to move, we'd be naturally lean as our bodies were intended, our minds would be sharp and our energy boundless.   Disease would be less and we would age with grace and beauty.  I don't think we should put all the focus on outer appearance, but the result of eating properly lets us enjoy our individualized beauty the way it was intended.  Going back to my previous blog, you are what you eat.  What you eat and how you move should be a lifestyle, not a trendy diet.  X the sugar, the man made product/chemicals, the processed foods that flood our pantries.  Clean them out!  You'll easily reap the rewards and function better than you have ever functioned before.

Going strong - ALL DAY LONG!


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