Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 9 I Just Want A Pancake!

I woke up this morning JUST WANTING A PANCAKE!  haha!  Cravings do enter the mind!  But we always have to keep our goal.....above the craving.  Cravings pass.  Here are a few techniques to surpass a craving:
  1. Eat something healthy instead
  2. Divert!  Put your mind on something else!  Go do a project, chore etc. 
  3. Give me 20....no 50!  I'm not sure what it is about moving the body...but it works!  In fact, I'm not hungry or want to go near food for at least an hour after a hard workout.  
When going through a lifestyle change, we REALLY have to make a conscience effort to retrain old habits.  It takes time, it takes MUCH EFFORT, but the reward pays off.  Because I didn't partake in that pancake, I don't have to feel guilty.  I'm staying on course.  If I did, I would have felt guilty, I would have eaten more than a serving...in fact, possibly would have over indulged.  Once you give in, the mind thinks:  "Well, shoot.  I messed up....mind as well just indulge and REALLY mess up.  I'll get back on track tomorrow!"....Come on!  I know you ALL can relate to this way of thinking.
You have to DIVERT!  Create better, healthier habits for yourself.  The craving will pass, you'll feel better about yourself, confidence will continue....the UPWARD spiral of goodness and health will continue.
Another thing I'll do, is look at body transformations and get inspired!  Whether it be my students or just random transformations on various websites.  After looking at these, any thought of putting something bad in my mouth turns to wanting to hit the gym!  Its so amazing.  Here are my 3 increadients to health:
  1. Controlling your thoughts, having your MIND in the right place
  2. Deciding (MIND) what it is you put in your mouth...taking responsibility
  3. How you move!   Push your body to limits, see how far you can go and let your MIND take you there!
Are you seeing the trend here?  Seems like the MIND is in all 3 incredients.  Take control, use techniques to master your thoughts...FEED it the right fuel.   You don't feed your car anything but the required fuel.  You don't feed your pet human food....if you do ....BIG mistake....human food, takes over that pets mind and it becomes a begging machine and an annoying little critter to be around come feeding time.  Do you SEE the effects on food and the brain?  Just take a look at the dog who gets table scraps....

I want to go back a moment, referring to my statement on sugar.  I said from the beginning of this blog it's about eliminating sugar in the forms of man made sugars, grains, table sugar and its substitutes.  A friend of mine stated to me today, "Doesn't the brain need sugar to function?"  The answer is yes!  It does, BUT the right kind.  The brain needs about 125-150g of sugar per day.  This can easily be attained from vegetables and small portions of fruit.  Lets not forget one important bit of science.  Our bodies are able to manufacture sugar for energy from fats and proteins So why the brain fog yesterday?...It comes down to simply my body adapting to lower sugar levels...detoxing per say.

From lunch on yesterday (because I really like to use my brain optimally everyday :)  ), I made it a point to eat nothing but veggies and added some fruit...wahlah!  Brain fog gone...with the RIGHT kind of food! It's the wrong kind of sugars that lead us to the obsession with food, addictions with food and eventually obesity and disease. 

Going Strong....ALL DAY LONG!


Anonymous eden riddlespur from marietta x3 said...

my mom and i enjoy pancakes everyday- but they are heart healthy- 1/2 cup of wheat flour; 1/2 cup of fruit (frozen or fresh no sugar added..they are naturally sweet you know) 1/2 cup of soy milk- a dash of baking soda- (since we watch our sodium we do not let this bother us) a dash of flax seeds - they are so tastey they need no syrup ;)

March 29, 2011 at 7:33 PM  
Blogger Caroline Brown X3 Sports Nutrition said...

Hi Eden! Yes, there are many ways to make a great pancake! I like your recipe...I would just substitute that wheat flour for coconut flour. For this experiment, I'm x'ing all flour and not going too crazy on the fruit...maybe just a day here and there. I think what I miss most though...is indeed the syrup. :). While pure maple is natural and can be used...it can still raise insulin. This is what I want to be very mindful of. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback!

March 30, 2011 at 9:02 AM  
Anonymous edenriddlespur@yahoo.com said...

how do you get all of your nutrients in with out fruit- i would go crazy , i use to be a little debbies eater- then i tortured myself for a year (off and on) with no bread or anything like a little debbie- then i started to learn about nutrients - vitamins and minerals- and found out there was more to the good taste of blueberries and canteloupe- there is stuff in there thats good for my tastebuds and my body ;) makes me very happy ;) lol - but i was just wondering what you do about the vitamins and minerals of the missed fruit?

April 1, 2011 at 8:24 PM  
Blogger Caroline Brown X3 Sports Nutrition said...

I do eat fruit. I just don't eat it everyday. Many of the same vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) can be found in a variety of vegetables.

April 2, 2011 at 8:25 AM  

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