Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 10 of 30

What amazes me is how easy this lifestyle actually is.  I was speaking to a student today and she said:  "Caroline, this is so easy!  I feel great!  I don't feel bloated and I'm not achy in the morning like I use to be!  This diet works!  I didn't even have a starch at all yesterday! (she's allowed 1 a day).  I think I have found I was allergic to wheat/gluten.  This is amazing!"   Music to a coach's ears!  I do hear statements like this over and over.

When people are given the proper plan, with a plan of attack and proper support, the word diet quickly changes to "my new lifestyle".  I hear the words...."I get it!"  My job now is to continue to support her, keep guiding her in the right direction.  She's finding she can create all kinds of fun and exciting foods in the kitchen and she's loving it!

I have students who tend to eat out a lot ...I problem.   Today, for example.  I ate out 2 times!  I did take some initiative on where to go out.  Hey...we have a voice...use it!  For lunch, I ate at a yummy Brazilian Steak house...just look at the yummyNESS!

For Dinner, I went out with my team and got so caught up in conversation, by the time I thought about taking a bowl was empty :).  We ate at Chow Baby.  For anyone who hasn't been there, go give it a try.  You pick your own veggies and meat and they have 2-3 sauces that are sugar free!!!  They saute your selection and bring it out to you.  This goes to show you, healthy choices are out there!  Just look for them!

Going Strong....ALL DAY LONG!


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