Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 11 of 30

We've had a rainy week here in Atlanta and WOW!  What an impact weather has on moods and energy levels.  People skip their workout routines, cancel appointments, do whatever they can to "just get through the day".  My guess is that it's been a very unproductive week for many!
I am pointing this out to make you more aware of this trend.  When it's raining, day in and day out, we have to make a conscience effort to keep the energy up, moods up, hormones balanced! Here are some ideas:
  •  Ensure to get in some HIIT training - it may not be as strong but always makes me feel revived and .....well...young at heart! 
  • Wear business clothes.  It forces you to sit and stand tall with proper posture.  This sub-conscientiously provides you with a more attentive mind and spirit. 
  • Get OUT of the house or office!  Staying home, in comfy clothes?...Come on!  That's laziness waiting to happen! Have lunch with a potential prospect, co-worker or friend.  The conversation will keep your mind on your toes!
  • Complete your to-do list!  A feeling of accomplishment brings on a sense of energy!  
You say this has nothing to do with food....REALLY?  Oh, YES it does!  When energy is low, we are not working out, sitting in the home, wearing sweats all day....what tends to happen?  THE FEEL SORRY FOR ME MUNCHIES!    Ut-uh.  You are now triple slamming your week and going back in time with your health, fitness and profession.

Get up!  Get OUT!  and MOVE!

I'm still 100% compliant!

Going Strong....ALL DAY LONG!


Blogger Kelly Sanders - Mosquito Squad of Marietta said...

100% All day Every day - Coach!!!

March 31, 2011 at 11:07 PM  

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