Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 13 Observing

 The diet continues to be whole.  100 % compliant. 
I want to bring up something I've observed this month.  I spend a lot of time in parks since I have two active little boys.  2 weeks ago, we were at a park and there was this lady in a swing.  My guess she was in her 60's, no child that belonged to here in sight.  She just sat there on that swing, eyes closed, smiling, enjoying the moment.  I was there at least an hour and she was there the entire time...swinging.  She seemed very much at peace.  
Yesterday, I was at the gym.  There was this lady on the treadmill.  Again, probably in her 60's...she wasn't walking or running on the treadmill.  She was dancing.  Honestly, she would have made a 23yr old look bad on a dance floor.  The Chick had some moves!  
Neither of these women cared about their surroundings but they did what they wanted to do and were enjoying life because of it.  I took a lesson from them.  The next time I went to the park, which was today, I found a bench and did step-ups.  I've done this before, but here and there, never really powering through not caring what people thought.  Today, I did and I did it with a smile.  My kids found friends on the playground so good ol mom had to fend for herself.  I wasn't just going to sit and watch, so I found a bench and moved while watching.  People starred but WHO CARES?!  I'd much rather be the observed crazy lady who is fit and healthy than the overweight mom sitting on the bench drinking a Coke. I'm not making fun of that mom, in fact I wish I could help her.  BUT, she was making fun of me.  Go figure.  I was the odd one out for not sitting while my kids play and not adding chemicals to my body by drinking a Coke.  
Do you know what?  I did have an influence today.  Infact, I had 2.  Two little girls started to do what I was doing, they were watching and observing and yelling "Exercise!".   I just gave them a kind smile.  
You see, while as adults, some people can not be influenced.  They have to WANT to change.  I grew up with religion forced on me and I would never FORCE nutrition on anyone.  If you are reading this blog, it's because you want too.  If you come to me for counseling, it's because YOU are ready for a change. 
Do keep in mind however, that we are being watched.  The children look to adults for guidance.  What example do you want to be?  What impact do you want to make?  
I'm glad I was the "crazy" parent doing step ups and drinking water.  Who knows what an impact that simple visual made for those 2 little girls.  
As for my kids, I think they appreciate me being a non-traditional mom.  We laugh, we have fun and they learn by my example.  I want the best for them.  So, I do my best to lead them in the right direction. 
Keep in mind.  You are not only an example for your kids, but all kids whom surround you.  You can make impressions.  I remember as a kid, going to the park.  I lived in Virginia and we spent a lot of time in this park called Gypsy Hill Park.   The reason for the name was because, well, many Gypsies camped out there.  There was a large variety of people in this park.   I watched and helped the homeless with my Dad.  He showed me a caring heart from a very young age.  But, because of his beliefs he did shun me away from some others in that park. I was about 6 or 7 and  I remember a lady, meditating.  I was away from my parents for a short while, and I started to ask her questions and THAT lady in a very short time, started to talk to me about nutrition and eating naturally.  Now I think she was vegetarian and I obviously didn't go that route..I'm more of a carnivore.  But, I remember her, she impacted me.  (Here I am at 35 writing about a lady I met for 5min at age 6/7) My parents soon found me talking to her and because she was dressed all in white (different), they quickly pulled me away.  (I had a habit of doing this.)  I was raised that there was one way and that was it.  BUT I always had a very curious mind, one to think on my own.  I couldn't be brainwashed if I was put under extreme circumstances.  I think what I think.  I observe and gather my own thoughts.  My parents never really liked this and we have had some battles, but I'm glad I'm a strong minded individual.  It allows me to see past certain traditional ways and enables me to see things for what they truely are. 
I respect people for who they are and have a way of knowing why they are the way they are.  There are patterns I've learned over the years.  Simply, by observing. 

I've ended up rambling a bit today, but my point is this.  Be free to be who YOU want to be.  THINK about the influence you want to have on others and REAP the rewards of a less stressed life.  Once you come into your own, you'll have a greater sense of peace and HELPING others by simply your actions.  This is a remarkable reward that boost self.  Self awareness, Self contentment, Self satisfaction.  The list goes on.  
Again, you ask, what does all of this have to do with nutrition?  Stress has a huge impact on weight loss, weight gain and weight management.  If you stress less about what everyone else thinks.  You'll reap many many benefits. 
Be YOU!  

Going Strong....ALL DAY LONG!


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