Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 14 So You're Skinny...or NOT

Today, I was able to play with my kids in the backyard.  A fun family Sunday morning game of dodge-ball and soccer.  We took some pictures and I gotta say.  I didn't like them.  Not one bit!  I eat healthy, I exercise and my body is NOT where I want it to be.

Later, we go to the park (yep...we spend THAT much time there if you read yesterday's blog).  I watched and observed yet again...this time walking around the playground in circles while the boys played.  I saw people of all sizes and shapes, watched what they were eating, who was sitting, who was playing.  A girl can REALLY get down on herself.  We are horrible about this.  I saw skinny girls, mid-sized and over weight.  I felt I was somewhere in the middle.  I'm not your skinny chick, but don't feel I'm overweight either.  Sure..I'm a girl.  I could lose a few pounds.  I've gained a good bit in the last year, some due to the weight room, some due to .....stress.  We live in very stressful times and as a single mom, you can only imagine what goes through my head at times.  

What we have to keep in mind...ME INCLUDED, is to not to get too bogged down into looks.  I looked a heck of a lot better last year than I do this year.  Yet, my fitness has increased, diet continues to improve...stress....a work in progress.  HORMONES do run the show a good bit.  I will have to continue to work on my stress levels if I want to return to the weight I feel most comfortable.  In the meantime, I'm REDUCING some levels of stress by feeding my body the right foods and exercising.  I have to remember...If I didn't do these 2 things....I may be HUGE! SO, I need to be thankful I've maintained a healthy lifestyle and appreciate where I'm at.  When I stress about how I only adds to the mountain and I need to make that mountain a hill, then a small hump.

On the reverse, I hear people say:  "I have a great metabolism.  Look at me.  I'm skinny!  I can eat whatever I want, it's hard for me to gain weight."   They are one of the few lucky ones...but are they?  When we think we can eat everything we want and then do, we are at even higher risk of diabetes and heart attacks among other many diseases due to our diet.  At least the ones of us who have to work for it are more aware of what goes in our mouth.  Skinny, medium, large  it doesn't matter what size you are, we ALL need to feed our bodies with the proper fuel to live a long, lasting disease free life.  I don't know about you, but I want to die of old age and I don't want my last years of my life to be in and out of hospitals because of some disease that could have been prevented.

Eating healthy should be a way of life.  Take the vein reasons out of it.   Embrace who you are and KNOW you are doing the best you can to be the best YOU.  Stop trying to look like or be someone else.  We are all built differently.  .....Trust me...I'm preaching to myself here!

Embrace YOU!

Going Strong....ALL DAY LONG!


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