Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 29 Helping Others!

I continue to grow strong and learn from this challenge.  I have no doubt I will continue to take this further but improve every step of the way!  30 days sure does fly by and so much can be learned in a short period of time. 

What I find interesting working with individuals who are ready and willing to make a change is how much they start to help others.   With their stories and learning's, they too start to reach out and tell people of their new found knowledge.  I think this is very powerful!  When we help others, we help ourselves!  When we begin to preach or teach our beliefs, we are more likely to follow them ourselves.  We grow not only in our new paths but as human beings as a whole.  The power to help heals ourselves in so many ways.  It digs deep into our souls, a satisfaction of being is established.  We are givers and when we do find this gift, it so overcomes the selfish aspects of taking.  A whole new meaning of life is established.

Many of you know of or have seen the movie Pay It Forward.  It is still one of my favorites.  We all struggle sometimes, but to get help from a friend, family member or even a perfect stranger shines light that we are not alone and when we receive the selfless gift, it is easy for us to find the reason to Pay It Forward.

If you have knowledge, share it!  If you can help someone, emotionally or physically, help selfishly. Find out how much it helps you!

When speaking to my students I hear stories of them helping co-workers with their eating patterns or motivating them to eat properly.  All the blogs that everyone is doing, is helping many as each blog and each individual helps a different person as all relate differently.

This blog started out to be one story and has ended up a completely different one.  I hope my stories, experiences and outlook helped someone, even if just one person, to decide to change their lifestyle.  I know writing it, helped me.

One more day but the journey....will never cease.

Going Strong.....ALL DAY LONG!


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