Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 15

Today, I'm still going strong.  I have to say...I did have an urge for some oatmeal or pancake (yes...I LOVE pancakes...but a pancake however natural you make it, is not a pancake without syrup), but I kept myself busy, diverted and the urge did indeed pass.

I'm sticking to the allowable foods.  While, I don't think I'm losing any weight, my mind is strong and constant.  This is something that is very important to me.  I spoke to someone about this today.  He's an X3 Sports Member and has been making progress with his weight but goes through some very difficult times staying on course.  I asked him too, for now... take the scale, throw it out and to stop logging everything.  Just focus on what goes in his mouth. Eating healthy goes beyond the scale and weight loss.  Brain function is huge, a healthy heart, feeling energetic!!  You have to think of this as a lifestyle and ALL the benefits that go with it.

For me, my mind is a powerful tool.  It should be for you as well.  If used properly we can get an amazing amount accomplished in a days time and I thrive off accomplishment.  It's another way to reduce stress and correct hormone imbalances.  Stop thinking of eating correctly as a way of weight loss, sure that's nice and it WILL happen but it takes time.  There is no instant gratification UNLESS you look at other factors such as brain function, how you actually feel, energy and other appearances such as hair and skin.

Proper nutrition goes beyond the pounds on your body and if you are consistent long enough....you'll be at a good healthy weight.  The way it was intended.

Sleep well, move your body, fuel it with proper nutrients, complete task and accomplish great things every day.  Enjoy the journey to your new lifestyle.

Going Strong....ALL DAY LONG.


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