Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 21 Moving On!

Today was MUCH better.  So I failed Friday only made me stronger.  I understand my body that much more, I WANT to feel healthy and alive that much more.  I can become a better coach and mom THAT much more.  You see, if we learn from our failure, we can let them guide us to being a better person.  It's overcoming our struggle, picking back up and getting better and better with each step.  The key is to stop, listen and remember the lesson when the next temptation to slack off hits. 

My body was getting good clean fuel for 18 straight days, then when contaminated, it reacted.  It's a huge lesson.  It goes to show what is good for my body and what isn't.  Just like when I began the diet, I got the clean dieters high the first week.  My body reacted in a good way, saying:  "YES!  Here is your reward for feeding me the proper fuel, I shall grant you energy and good feelings!"  Then when I fed it the wrong fuel, it puttered just as a car would if given the wrong fuel.  It said: "NO!  Now you must be punished by lack of energy, focus, and feelings of aches and pains, now I will make you bloated!" I think I need to listen to what my body has to say.  I want more of the Yes and prefer to just skip out on that no.
It may be day 21 and only 9 days left of this specific challenge but with the way my body said no, I'm not so sure I'll be going back to pizza for a while.  Maybe make my own with proper ingredients that keeps my body saying yes!

I kept today's diet on the light side, probably barely broke 1200cals of good clean eats.  I ran stadium stairs and played with my kids so plenty of fuel was burned, but my stomach was still full and needed a slow fuel day.  I feel so much better and my mind is clear, focused and driven yet again!  Yay!

We all fail from time to time.  But pay attention to the lesson when you fail and you'll reap much knowledge to improve! Apply your knowledge to make your journey stronger!  Learn what works for you.

Going Strong....ALL DAY LONG!


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