Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ok.  I admit it, I let stress get to me and I had Pizza with my boys on my typical Friday night cheat night.  I hadn't seen my boys this week, missed them and fell into the parent trap of wanting to go out with them for pizza.  I could have chosen a better way to spend an outing with them and in fact, I had spoken about this earlier in the day with one of my clients.  We discussed how we are examples for our kids and we don't need to be creating habits of "comfort, reward or family time" to be associated with food....then I go and do just this.  Honestly, it was more for me than it was for them.  I think I used them as an excuse to go cheat.  Bad mark on the mom and coach board.  ( Shows I'm human and suffer the same struggles.)

The side effect:  I felt horrible!  Here it is Sunday and I still feel horrible.  I"m bloated, achy, tired and just blah.  I usually workout really hard on weekends and my weekend suffered too.  So was it worth it?  NO!  UGH!  This does reinforce the effects of food.  That cheat wasn't even all that enjoyable and it messed up my energy, focus, drive, workouts, etc.  for the entire weekend.  Not to mention, my self esteem.  Seriously.  I didn't want to go anywhere because my stomach expanded to the point I looked a few months pregnant.  So weight loss or not...eating healthy....IS SO WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD!!   It's not all about the vanity.  It's FEELING amazing, have a STRONG MIND and having the ENERGY to keep up with today's busy life.  If you feel good about yourself, you're going to be more productive.  Now, I did try to keep myself productive over the weekend, but with busy house work.  Because I felt so bad...I didn't want to blog, read, research.  I wanted to take my mind off of it for a bit.

So to learn from my own mistake...for me...cheats really set me back.  I need to remember the next time there is an urge for something that's not good for me, if I participate in the urge, it's going to be harmful for a few days...not to mention the vanity part that eventually shows up on the hips. Most importantly...for me...there is immediate consequences. I can't afford a weekend of the blah's.  Lesson learned and I'm ready to eat clean, grain free and healthy once again.  Give me my moxie back!


Blogger Joel said...

Tsk tsk, Caroline! You are right though... You ARE human. Goes to show you need the same things others... SUPPORT!

You lend the support others need and I'm certain others would gladly support you as well.

Keep up the great work!

As we say on the Rugby field... WITH YOU!

April 11, 2011 at 7:34 PM  
Blogger Caroline Brown X3 Sports Nutrition said...

Yes, I do need support just as others do. Thanks Joel!

April 11, 2011 at 9:29 PM  

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